Cotton and Iris Goat Milk Soap

Cotton and Iris Goat Milk Soap

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This amazing, Cotton and Iris Goat Milk Soap is the true essence of laundry, line-dried in the billowy breeze, when the world is bursting with freshness! This scent starts out with a strong, clean floral mix of lily of the valley, irises, and cotton blossoms, and is rounded out by the full mix of airy ozone, light musk, and light wood tones!

*Please note the current bars are white, NOT a purple color!

INGREDIENT: Goat Milk, Lard, Coconut, Olive, Castor, and Sunflower Oils, Lye, and Fragrance Oil

Thank you to Savannah Askew at Savannah Askew Photography for this stunning product photo!