Meet the Ladies

Our products are made with raw goat milk, produced by Saanen (a Swiss Dairy breed) goats who have been raised by us and currently live on our farm in Clarendon, Texas.

goats produce goat milk soap

Meet Our Team

The goats on our farm are milked by hand and every goat knows when it's time to get milked. The goats don't tell us that they like being milked, but each one knows her order and won't the others take her turn. Each goat has her own personality and brings joy to our family. 


Foxy goat milk soap
Our rockstar milker is Foxy. She is very laid back and is the "cool one" in the group. She has the most impressive beard of any of the goats on the team, but it doesn't make her any less ladylike than the rest! She is the sister of Roxy. 


Roxy goat milk soap
Another member of the team who likes to "go with the flow" is Foxy's sister, Roxy. Roxy doesn't quite have the beard that her sister has, but she's still pretty cool in our book.  


Ivy goat milk soap
One of the more affectionate members of the team, Ivy will never turn down a good neck scratch or back rub. She is the sister of Poppy, but they definitely have different personalities!


You know how there's always that one member of the family who needs more attention than the others? Well, that's Lilly! She loves getting spoiled on a daily basis with extra neck scratches and rubs.  


Meet the strong, independent goat of the group. This diva doesn’t like to be messed with! Poppy doesn't demand as much physical affection as some of the other ladies, and she's a great sister to Ivy.


The baby of the group is Sarah. Although she will not start producing milk until next year, she is already a part of the family. Sarah is the most playful and energetic of the ladies. She loves running and bucking. 

Raw Goat Milk 

All of our products are made with raw goat milk produced by these beautiful ladies. Thank you for enjoying our soap, lotion, and lip balm products!

raw goat milk used for soap lip balm and lotion

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